The ecotour

The Ecotour is a guided tour of the Green Island marine reserve, a jewel of the heritage listed barrier reef of New-Caledonia.

baladeeco01The Nëkwéta Surf Camp, located at la Roche Percée, is the departure point of this authentic and fascinating excursion. The discovery of this exceptional environment on board Manu’s speed boat gives you an insight like no other…


For those who don’t know the Bourail bay, it is the ideal way to discover its beauties and legends, and even those who believe they know the area will be surprised. Manu was born and bred here, and is strongly connected to the surroundings, he knows all the best coral reefs, where to find dolphins, turtles and eagle spotted rays. The ecotour is a total immersion in Bourail’s environment and has a fun and educative dimension.

This excursion will take you through the Néra river mangroves, past Green Island to the barrier reef passes, and back to the Roche Percée beach and cliffs, the “Bonhomme” and Turtle bay. These places are highly charged with local beliefs and you will be told about their myths and legends while observing the environment’s fauna.

Nekband034Getting dropped for a snorkel tour can be awesome, on the barrier reef in protected spots from the swell. Turtles and  spotted eagle rays are generally around. From the boat, dolphins are occasionally escorting us and when present they usually put a show on for Manu’s guests..

Underneath or from the boat, you will have a great experience of the ocean life. Specially about turtles.

baladeeco031When ? Weekdays and weekends, pre-booking required .

What Time ? Departure time: 8h00 / 8h30 from the Nëkwéta Surf Camp, depending on weather. Arrival : 12h30 / 13h00 (Times to be confirmed with Manu when booking)..


For Who ?    For families, couples and groups of friends who wish to relax while discovering the lagoon’s beauty.

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Viewed on local TV in 2016… sorry, dialogs in french but this is the boat, the crew and the spirit ! Thanks  NCTV !