Green Island

Nekband036Green Island is a coral limestone outcrop with a white sand beach surrounded by crystal waters, just 15 minutes from the Surf Camp.

sortieeco02The island is a marine reserve, the rules are simple and strict : guests mustn’t touch anything or interfere in any way. This is the only way to preserve the natural habitat and behaviour of the fauna. Some guests like to venture on a walk around the island, which takes half an hour, whilst others prefer relaxing in the shade or sunbathing. Kids like to play in the water, and snorkelers count fishes in the coral paradise nearby.


When ? Weekdays and weekends, pre-booking required.

What Time ? Departure time is arranged according to your needs, but depends on the weather (Times to be confirmed with Manu when booking).

For Who ? For all environment-friendly families, couples and groups of friends who wish to relax on Green Island.


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